Jacksonville city leaders claim they received calls against JEA

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It's a decision that would impact tens of thousands of people, and yet, the Jacksonville City Council was just formally told how the process to sell JEA would work.

Action News Jax obtained a memo the Office of General Counsel sent to Mayor Lenny Curry, his cabinet, the City Council and the JEA Board Tuesday.

It states any sale of more than 10 percent of JEA would require Council approval.

To change that, the Council would have to change the city charter, doing that with a two-thirds vote.

Councilman John Crescimbeni wants to make that happen.

He has asked for legislation that would allow for a voter referendum.

“They’re the shareholders of the company. They’re the customers. They’re the ratepayers.They’re the ones that essentially own it, not the 19 of us up here,” Crescimbeni said.

Crescimbeni said someone is already pushing their agenda over the phone.

He said his constituents have received numerous calls from an anonymous number, and that the voice on the other end contends, ‘JEA has been mismanaged for years.’

“If they were fed up with JEA, if they’d like to talk to their council member, and apparently, somehow they transfer the call to a council member," Crescimbeni said.

City leaders said dozens of these calls have come in.

“I can guarantee you it’s not happening for free.  Somebody’s paying for this to happen, and that’s somewhat of a concern to me,” Crescimbeni said.

Action News Jax reached out to the mayor’s office to find out if Mayor Curry knows about these calls or who might be behind them.

We’re still waiting to hear back.

Another mystery, Tuesday afternoon, City Hall lost internet for about an hour, only adding to what Crescimbeni called a strange 24 hours.​