• Jacksonville most expensive city in country to protect from sea-level rise flooding, research shows

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Joann and Bill Lorson have dealt with hurricanes at their shorefront home on a Jacksonville beach.

    Joann Lorson told Action News Jax, “We’ve been through Irma, and we had water come into the condo, and we had a lot of sand.”

    Flooding could only get worse, according to research from the Center for Climate Integrity.


    The research shows the cost for simple storm surge protection in the USA will reach $400 billion by 2040.

    Bill Lorson described, “When there’s a heavy rain, the streets are underwater.”

    The study says Jacksonville needs $3.5 billion for another 632 miles of sea walls, the most in the country.

    The amount of protection is also more than is needed by any other city in Northeast Florida.

    Action News Jax First Alert Meteorologist Garrett Bedenbaugh said sea walls would help during any hurricane.

    Bedenbaugh explained: “Our coastline is highly susceptible to storm surge, flooding and inland flooding with the St. Johns River. Any protection we could get would obviously be a nice thing.”

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    On Wednesday, beach leaders explained what they’re doing to deal with rising sea level.

    They said grants, infrastructure planning, education and community involvement are key.

    Bill Lorson said, “I think that things are really moving in the right direction.”

    Click HERE to view the full study.

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