• Jacksonville organization offers community free workout classes: Justice League of Fitness

    By: Karlyn McKell


    The Jacksonville-based nonprofit Justice League of Fitness -- I Will Workout Inc is offering free fitness classes to the public, five days a week. There are no catches, no hidden fees, and no class size limit. 

    The goal is to give people hope that they can improve their health and fitness by offering them a way to change their lifestyle without having to be burdened by the cost. 

    "You pay with your hard work and your sweat," said Leroy Mosley, chief executive officer. "We want to serve people who have lost hope." 

    When Mosley had a heart attack at 32, he didn't have health insurance. Throughout his recovery, he met people like him, searching for answers to their health problems and finding no affordable solutions. That's how Justice League of Fitness -- I Will Workout Inc. was born.

    Mosley founded the organization alongside Terrence Hightower and Ahkem Jordan. All three are board-certified trainers with a combined 30-plus years of health and fitness experience. They also share a passion for helping people. 

    When Mosley isn't teaching classes, he's a caseworker for the city of Jacksonville. The other founders are also community leaders - Hightower works for JSO and Jordan is a Florida Highway Patrol officer.

    It's now been five years, and Justice League of Fitness -- I Will Workout Inc. is proud to offer both free classes and free nutritional information to people in Jacksonville. Anyone is welcome to attend.  

    Classes are offered at two locations.The classes offered include: boot camp, high impact, low impact, and line dancing. Click here to learn more. 

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