• Pure Nightclub shut down after 'Operation Poppin' Molly' drug bust


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford announced in a press conference on Thursday that Pure Nightclub was shut down after a drug bust.

    JSO says they made 16 felony arrests in “Operation Poppin' Molly.”

    Rutherford says they discovered molly, cocaine, heroin and marijuana at the nightclub.

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    There are also 20 outstanding warrants as a result of the drug bust.

    Pure Nightclub is now shut down for multiple code violations as a result of the investigation.

    Rutherford said the club can reopen if they get their code violations fixed.

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    Four of the 36 suspects involved in the drug bust worked at Pure Nightclub, according to JSO. 

    Rutherford says "Operation Poppin' Molly" does not stop at Pure, but they will not name any other organizations involved in the investigation at this time. 

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