Jacksonville's hometown girl is growing up

American Idol’s Tyanna Jones is a star.  She’s Jacksonville’s star.  She started the show with powerful pipes and an infectious smile.  She took other people’s music and made it her own.  She made the final five and hasn’t even graduated high school ; she graduates this summer, by the way.

Now, she’s singing her own song.

Friday, for the first time, Jones is performing her first original song, "Get Loose."  And it's fitting that she's doing it here in Jacksonville, at the Murray Hill Theatre.  The Theatre bills itself as a Christian music venue.

Jones' story is well documented: at times homeless—living in a church with her big family.  For that reason alone, she’s easy to root for.  However, that’s just one good reason.  She comes from humble beginnings and has stayed humble as her star power grew.  I’m confident, having gotten to know her and her family, that she will continue to stay humble as she continues to grow.

And she will grow.  She has the God-given talent, and the desire to chase her dreams.  I believe, as she heads west to California to chase those dreams, she will always keep Jacksonville close.  She is our star.  For all those reasons, I’m proud to say I’m rooting for her.

But there’s one more.  Click on the video I posted, and you’ll see why.  On top of all the other reasons to cheer her on, the biggest one for me is that I just really like her.  As the father of three girls, she’s who I want my daughters to emulate.  She’s confident. She is talented, but humble and respectful.  She loves life.  That love of life is key.  It will get her through the tough road ahead (this just in, making it in Hollywood is not easy).  It is endearing.  To meet her is to like her.

Tonight, I hope to post video of Jones' debut of “Get Loose” right here.  I hope you check it out.  I’ll be singing along--maybe even dancing—and I will definitely be cheering.  She’s a star.  She’s our star.

As promised! Here is the back story from Tyanna herself, and then a clip of her first original-"Get Loose" Tyanna Elise

Posted by John Bachman Action News Jax on Friday, May 20, 2016

My pal, the extremely talented Tyanna Jones--American Idol star-is singing the National Anthem at the Jags home opener Sept. 13th. Game is on FOX30. Here's an interview we did a few months ago...She's a lot of fun.

Posted by John Bachman Action News Jax on Monday, August 31, 2015