• Kornegay parents sentenced to house arrest, probation


    COLUMBIA COUNTY, Fla. - The Kornegay parents were sentenced Wednesday in Columbia County.

    Misty and Keith Kornegay of White Springs were sentenced at about 8:30 a.m. Both previously agreed to a plea deal on charges of child neglect and child abuse.

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    The charges are in connection with leaving their 15-year-old daughter in a locked bedroom with only a blanket and bucket.

    Their 15- and 11-year-old daughters were accused in the shooting death of their 16-year-old brother. The 11-year-old was not charged and the 15-year-old accepted a plea deal that would convict her of burglary as long as she gets counseling.

    The Kornegays were both sentenced to two years of house arrest and five years of probation for count one. During the house arrest, they are not to leave the home unless approved by a community officer. They are also required to be employed.

    The Kornegays are not to contact the victims directly or indirectly. They can't send messages through other people, can’t send letters, text messages or communicate through social media. 

    For count two, they are to serve five years of consecutive probation under the same terms and conditions as count one.

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    The two are to pay $418 in court costs, $50 in public defender application fee, $400 Guardian ad Litem fee, $100 cost of prosecution and $500 costs of investigations to Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. The minimum monthly amount is $40 for Misty and Keith until employment.



    "As of today, and as of this sentence it’s her (the victim's) intention not to allow the defendants to be a disruption in her life anymore," said Elizabeth Price, Crime Victim Advocate Guardian ad Litem Program, Third Judicial Circuit. 

    Keith and Misty have 30 days to appeal the sentencing. However, it is part of a plea deal and it is unlikely that will happen. 

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