• Local photographer found guilty of trespassing on airport property

    By: Catherine Varnum


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The local photographer behind a judge’s order limiting courthouse protests was found guilty of trespassing Wednesday. 

    Police say Michale Hoffman was trespassing on Jacksonville Aviation Authority property. 

    Video Hoffman posted on his YouTube page shows what led up to his arrest in August of 2014 while heading to JAA. 

    “I have the right to be here. Not breaking any laws,” Hoffman said in the video. 

    “You're in private property, trespassing. Asking you to leave,” an officer said in the video. 

    But Hoffman didn't leave. Instead he was arrested, charged with trespassing. He testified Wednesday before a jury about why he wouldn't leave. 

    Hoffman says he was on public property, which experts testified to in court. Hoffman says he's part of a group called “Photography is Not a Crime” or PINAC. They go to public buildings record video, trying to gain public access. 

    Action News introduced you to Hoffman last week. Video from May shows him standing outside the courthouse saying judges were corrupt. That prompted the chief judge to issue an order on Thursday banning demonstrations that "degrade or call into question the integrity of the court or any of its judges." 

    Tuesday, a new order was issued stepping back, saying demonstrations that disrupt or interfere with court business or JSO officers are banned. But doesn't specifically ban speech that could claim judges are biased.

    Now all eyes are on the outcome of this trial as jurors decide whether Hoffman should have been arrested for trespassing on public property. 

    The prosecutors said the maximum sentence on this trespassing charge is 60 days in jail.  

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