• Macclenny funeral home owner offers to pay for Lonzie's funeral

    By: Ben Becker


    BAKER COUNTY, Fla. - The family of Lonzie Barton is still in mourning after police found what they believe are the remains of the missing toddler on Monday.

    The families plan for a funeral are on hold, until those remains are released.

    V. Todd Ferreira Funeral Services of Macclenny has offered to pay for the funeral, as it does for all children. But this one is especially painful.

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    "This is sad for the entire community," says owner V. Todd Ferreira.

    Ferreira and Lonzie's family have known each other for years. One of Lonzie's aunts said a cousin is a former Ferreira nanny.

    The medical examiner tells Action News Jax is could take months to complete the autopsy and release the remains to Lonzie's family.

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