• Man arrested after crashing truck into Naval Station Mayport gate, naval station spokesperson says

    By: Brittney Verner , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police are investigating after a man allegedly stole a vehicle and tried to ram through security at Mayport Naval Station.

    It happened Tuesday morning after police said 24-year-old Rodney Simeon stole a truck from Corey Enterprises Lawn and Landscape. 


    Officials said Simeon got past the first security officer and then a security barrier lifted out of the ground and he allegedly crashed into it. 

    Simeon was then arrested by police.

    The incident caused a slowdown for many people trying to get on the base Tuesday morning. 

    Charlie Tramazzo, who works nearby, said traffic was backed up for miles. 

    “Traffic is usually heavy in the morning. That’s prime time for traffic at a military installation but not like this. I’m just surprised. I can’t imagine what somebody would be thinking trying to do that. That’s not going to end well,” Tramazzo said. 

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    The Flagler County Sheriffs Office released the 911 call made  when the car was stolen. 

    The police report shows the manager at the lawn care company said Simeon left his car at the establishment, grabbed a pair of keys and took off in a company truck. 

    “He just walked into the shop and then, when we noticed, we said 'What are you doing?' and he just jumped in the truck and took off,” the  911 caller said. 

    The truck had a GPS locator on it so police were able to track it, but the driver went across county lines. 

    It’s unclear what Simeon’s motive was for trying to get past security at the Mayport Naval Station , but police are still investigating. 

    Simeon is now facing several state and federal charges. 

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