• Moonshine still, marijuana found at A1A Woodworks

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    Law enforcement officers brought evidence out of A1A Woodworks after a search warrant was served Tuesday.

    Police say Adam Rowley was arrested after they found two grenades inside the business. One was a live grenade.

    Officers also found marijuana, a moonshine still and multiple gallons of moonshine inside.

    Neighbor Justin Myers says he’s worked next door to Rowley for years.

    “He’s a real quiet dude, like ‘Hi, bye, thank you.’ He’s really nice and polite,” Myers said.

    Myers says he’s not surprised officers found the moonshine inside, because he said there was always a weird smell around the business.

    “We noticed there was a real stench around here and it wasn’t from CNC fisheries, it was from the mash he was making for the liquor,” Myers said.

    The moonshine was taken by Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco agents and the live grenade was handed over to the Navy. 

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