New name for Jaguars' stadium: TIAA Bank Field

TIAA is taking over the naming rights to EverBank Field, and that means a name change.

TIAA completed its acquisition of EverBank in June. EverBank has now confirmed to WOKV that all EverBank facilities will go by the name TIAA Bank -- and that means the stadium as well.

Pending the approval of the City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Jaguars, EverBank Field will be renamed TIAA Bank Field by the upcoming football season.

“We’re excited for our relationship with EverBank to not only continue, but grow under the new name of TIAA Bank. They have been a fantastic corporate partner for many years, sharing our mutual commitment to the betterment of the First Coast community. We’re grateful for their long-term commitment to the Jaguars and to the city of Jacksonville,” says a statement from Jags President Mark Lamping to WOKV.

There were no details immediately available about who will be paying to change the signage.

The name change was announced today, but the transition for all of the other EverBank facilities to TIAA Bank facilities is expected mid-2018.

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