• New trial date set for Russell Tillis case in Jacksonville

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    Russell Tillis was back in the courtroom Tuesday, nearly two weeks after a judge granted a mistrial in his case for battery and assault on a law enforcement officer.

    Tillis is also accused of killing and dismembering Joni Gunter.

    Jacksonville Sheriff's Office officials said investigators discovered Gunter's mutilated body on Tillis’ property.

    Action News Jax obtained video of officers chasing Tillis at his home in May 2015.

    Police say he was holding two knives in his hands when officers chased him while trying to serve an arrest warrant.

    On July 19, a judge declared a mistrial citing a discovery violation.

    The defense team said they didn’t receive police call logs from the state, which they had requested 16 months prior to the trial.

    On Tuesday, prosecutors told the judge that is no longer an issue.

    They also said additional discovery exhibits have been provided to prevent further issues.

    Tillis’ defense team says they now have what they need to proceed with the trial.

    The new trial for Tillis’ battery charge is set for Oct. 16.


    The judge says the trial for the homicide charge will likely happen in early 2018.

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