• No decision in Josh Phillips resentencing; Court to meet in September


    Joshua Phillips, in prison for the 1998 murder of Jacksonville girl Maddie Clifton, will not be re-sentenced until at least September. 

    Phillips was 14 when he killed Maddie, 8, and hid her body under a bed.

    Phillips’ mother found her body six days later.

    Phillips' re-sentencing hearing comes after a Supreme Court ruling that states mandatory life sentences for juveniles without parole are unconstitutional.

    Maddie's family took the stand on Thursday, a day after Phillips apologized to them face-to-face for the first time.

    Raw video: Josh Phillips apologizes to Maddie Clifton's family

    Maddie's mother Sheila DeLongis asked the judge to uphold Phillips' life sentence with no chance for parole.

    After listening to testimony about classes Phillips took in prison and his desire to become a monk, DeLongis pointed out that Maddie will never have the chance to take classes and that Phillips can be a monk in prison.

    “I’ve sat here in this courtroom and listened to all of the classes that the defendant has been able to take. What classes had Maddie been able to take over the past 18 years?” she said.

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