Organizers warning people about fake tickets to local plays sold online

Organizers warning people about fake tickets to local plays sold online

One of the most popular Broadway shows is coming to Jacksonville, and scammers are trying to cash in. Organizers are warning people about fake tickets being sold online.

If you want to see "Hamilton" as much as Renee Dawson, make sure nobody steals your Franklins. “I am in love with that play. I got to see that play,” Dawson said.

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“And I thought, this doesn’t sound like tickets in Jacksonville, doesn’t make sense,” Dawson said.

Two sites, Only City Tickets and Jacksonville Theater, are claiming to have tickets to "Hamilton" next year at the Times Union Center.

“Their tickets started at $500, and those were, like, the worst seats in the house,” she said.

Dawson said those prices were too high, and she reached out to Florida State College at Jacksonville.


“So I called them, and they said, that’s when they explained those are third party vendors, they’re not associated with us,” said Dawson.

“We don’t want anyone taken advantage of, said Ashley Williams, with FSCJ Artist Series.

Williams said those two sites claiming to have tickets are not legitimate.

“They think they purchased tickets, but they've been duped and get to the theatre and don’t have seats assigned to them,” Williams said.

“Oh, I was ready if they had the right price,” said Dawson.

Now, knowing these tickets won’t cost that much, Dawson’s dream might come true.

“There’s a big possibility I can still see this play,” Dawson said.

FSCJ Artist Series says the only place to get "Hamilton" tickets is through them in person or online at

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