• School bus shooting: Video from inside bus released

    By: Amanda Warford


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Action News was the first to show you surveillance video from May 14, when police say 16-year-old Edgar Robles opened fire into Duval County school bus No. 915 on 118th Street near Ringhaver Park.

    The tense video shows the moments leading up to the shooting, then frantic bus monitors calling for help, and students overcome with emotion.

    The State Attorney’s Office released the video Wednesday, as well as more than 100 photos taken by investigators as evidence that day, as part of their discovery in the case against Robles. Photos show bullet holes in the windows and seats, and the two innocent victims recovering in the hospital in the days that followed. Shakayla Singleton, 16, was hit in the face, and 16-year-old Ayana Sherman was hit by a bullet in the back of the head.

    The state also released video of interviews with witnesses, including a teen who was with Robles that day. He told police Robles asked him to help fight two boys on the bus for reasons still unknown.

    “I see Edgar pull the gun out and he started shooting. Then I ran home,” he told detectives.

    The teen said Robles followed him and that he later told Robles to get away from him, sparking a hunt for the accused shooter by police that lasted one week.

    In the days prior to Robles’ capture, police pulled at least one student out of school to interview him about Robles’ possible whereabouts.

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    “Is there any way you can tell me where he is?” asked the detective.

    “I don’t know. That’s what’s killing me,” replied the teen.

    “We’ve got two girls shot in the head. He’s a serious threat to society right now,” responded the detective.

    Nearly 40 witnesses to the shooting, are documented in a 40-page police report, also released Wednesday. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Chief Tom Hackney told Action News those statements help lead to the capture of Robles in Georgia.
    “In the Robles case -- to have as many people come forward and help us when it's a crucial time -- that's what's key,” said Hackney.

    The reports also indicate that the bus was running late that day, and that Robles called the cellphone of victim Shakayla Singleton’s to find out why. Multiple witnesses reported overhearing Singleton allegedly tell Robles to leave the park and not to fight. They say Singleton just happened to later be hit by one of those bullets.

    Roble’s attorney, Robert Davis, told Action News, “I have not had an opportunity to review the information released, and I will not speculate on what it includes. I have a meeting planned with the State Attorney’s Office on Friday to review the discovery and to ensure we are moving forward as we are supposed to.”

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