• Tenant at Jacksonville Townhouse Apartments says his unit is filled with roaches

    By: Larry Spruill


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local man says his apartment is filled with roaches.

    “This is ridiculous.” That’s how Albert Ivey describes his home in the Jacksonville Townhouse Apartments.

    “Some of these apartments have mold, sewage backup you can smell up here on the seventh floor,” Ivey said.

    He said that’s not the worst of his problems; he said his apartment is filled with roaches. There are roaches crawling on his door, hiding under his TV and even inside his freezer.

    Ivey showed Action News Jax some more roaches behind his refrigerator and inside his cabinets, where he keeps his food, but he said that’s still not it.

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    “In my bedroom, the roaches crawl in our bed at night,” said Ivey.

    Ivey said he wants to move, but it’s hard to do on a fixed income.

    Action News Jax: "Do you believe you or anybody else in this building should live like this?"

    Ivey: "No, I don’t. I don’t believe anybody should be subjected to these conditions."

    Ivey said he has complained numerous times to management, but nothing has been done, so we took his complaints to the managers.

    They didn’t want to speak to us on camera, but a spokeswoman for Cambridge Management Inc. in Tampa, which owns the property, said this is the first time she heard of the issues but they are determined to fix these problems soon.

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