• Three motorcycles crash, drivers sustain minor injuries


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Three motorcyclists walked away from a crash on I-95 with only minor injuries.

    Jeul Strickland was driving northbound in a motorcycle on I-95 in the right lane behind two other motorcycles. 

    The drivers of the motorcycles, Obie Wayne Donaldson and Geralso Irizarry, slowed due to traffic congestion. 

    Strickland did not slow down enough and hit the right side of Irizarry.  Irizarry’s motorcycle ran off the road and he flew off his bike.

    Strickland then collided with the back of Donaldson’s motorcycle. Stickland was thrown from his motorcycle and landed on the road.

    Donaldson stopped ahead in a safe place. Both Strickland and Irizarry have an estimated $,5000 worth of damage to their Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

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