• Train blocks road off Roosevelt Boulevard; people climb train to get through


    Motorists told Action News Jax that a train blocked traffic for more than two hours at Roosevelt Boulevard and Ortega Hills Drive on Thursday evening.

    Neighbors told Action News Jax that the blockage affected Ortega Village Apartments, as there are only two ways in and out of the neighborhood, and the train blocked both of them. 

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    One viewer sent Action News Jax video of a woman climbing over the space between stopped train cars.

    That same viewer sent Action News Jax video of a man lifting a child over the space between stopped train cars, and a woman who was with that child climbing over the space as well.

    Action News Jax called CSX to find out why the train was blocking the road. They said the delay was caused because the train was waiting for another train to pass. They also said the delay was due to people climbing through the train and trespassing.

    Neighbors said they're used to train delays, but this backup was much too long. For some people, like Lisa Jones, the delay was much more than an inconvenience. Jones has stage 3 breast cancer and was due to get radiation at UF Health.

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    "I missed my radiation treatment, I missed meeting the doctors with my mom because of CSX. I waited that 45 minutes, told my radiation people, 'OK, I'm gonna be late,' that went by," Jones said.

    Miriam Byrd, who lives in the Ortega Village Apartments, said a train has blocked her neighborhood at least three times in the last two months. She said eventually there's going to be an emergency with no way in or out.

    "It's not fair to the residents that live back here, cause elderly people live in the neighborhood and what if something happened? No authorities could get back here," Byrd said.

    We asked the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office if it made any arrests for trespassing for people who climbed over the train and we have not yet heard back.

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