• Video: Great White Shark spotted by fishing charter off Jacksonville coast

    By: Katie McKee


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A few local fisherman on a charter boat got quite a surprise when they spotted a Great White Shark in the waters off the Jacksonville coast.

    Capt. Chad Starling of Team Buck Rogers Offshore Fishing Charters recorded footage of the shark in pursuit of an afternoon lunch during a charter Saturday.

    On top of catching "more red snapper than we could count," Team Buck Rogers was able to capture incredible footage of the Great White up close and personal.

    Starling said he put his boat in at Mayport to take a group out fishing. They were 11 miles off the coast to the northeast when they spotted the massive shark.

    “He grabbed the fish. Then there was an intense game of tug of war for a second,” Starling said. “Then he bit the chunk out of the top of the fish, killed it, then took off and everybody was going crazy. That’s when I got the phone out and started recording the video.”

    Starling says he sees sharks all the time when he is out on the water, but this is only the second time in 10 years he said hes spotted a Great White. 

    I estimated him to be about 12-feet long. He was about that wide, very impressive, Starling said.

    Starling has been running his charter company for the last 10 years, he has several videos on YouTube of different trips.

    I told the guys you never know what youre going to see out here on the ocean and that proved it, Starling said.

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    You can track the location of tagged Great White Sharks on the www.ocearh.org website. For information on shark attacks and the longest running database on shark attacks, visit the Florida Museum of Natural History website.

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