• Witness describes Wells Fargo bank robbery in Jacksonville

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    A Wells Fargo customer who was inside a Jacksonville branch office of the bank when it was robbed at gunpoint Friday said the gunman gave a teller 10 seconds to hand over a bag full of money.

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has since identified the man wearing a Batman mask as 29-year-old Terrence King.

    “I turned to the left to look at him and he was holding a gun up like this and pointing it at the cashier,” the witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Action News Jax.

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    She said the robbery happened in a matter of seconds.

    “(King) says, 'You’ve got 10 seconds to fill this bag…' After a few seconds, he says, '9, 8, 7' and (the bank teller) said, 'I’m filling this bag as fast as I can. I can’t go any faster,'” the witness said.

    The woman said King grabbed the bag of cash and ran out.

    Police said King fled to a home on Patrice Court where a standoff ensued. Officers said King fired one shot out of the house and they responded with six shots toward the home.

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    JSO officers eventually entered the home and found King dead from what’s believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    “I feel sad for him that he had to do such a thing or that he felt that he had to do such a thing,” the witness said.

    Police said King called his family and expressed remorse before his death.

    Action News Jax spoke to King’s mother, she said the family is grieving and focusing on laying her son to rest.

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