• Woman receives life-changing gesture: A new roof


    DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. - A woman received a life-changing gesture Friday. Her Westside home will soon have a brand new roof, which is thanks to a local company and an organization that changes lives one nail at a time.

    A home in Jacksonville's Urban Core was chosen for the work and the woman living in the home for 11 years and didn't have the means to fix them.

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    The roof was covered by tarps and boards, which barely do the job against wind and rain.

    "I was wondering, "How I'm going to get it fixed, what I'm going to do?" said homeowner Ella "Jean" Singleton.

    So, Singleton went to Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville desperately looking for help, and now she has it.

    "I'm ecstatic about this because my roof needed to be fixed and I'm very happy," Singleton said. 

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    Joined by her granddaughter Yasmine, Singleton accepted a certificate for the work from HabiJax and Tadlock Roofing. It is a symbol of their brand new partnership. Tadlock Roofing just moved into their Southside office six months ago.

    "She could not afford to help herself and needed someone to step up and help her," said Dale Tadlock of Tadlock Roofing. "I know there's been times in my life where people have done that for me and I want to be able to do that for other people."

    The work will start in less than a month.

    "It feels great, and I'm glad that she's getting her roof fixed," Tadlock said.

    Not only will the roof be installed for free, it comes with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

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