• Peaceful protesters ask for answers in Nippers shooting


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Dozens of family and friends conducted a peaceful protest Wednesday to raise awareness over the lack of details in the shooting death of Zachariah Tipton.

    It's been nearly a month since Zachariah Tipton was gunned down at Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach.  Tina Tipton, Zachariah's youngest sister, said she felt the need to take action and organized the peaceful protest outside the state attorney's office.

    "We feel like we don't know anything more than the general public at this point and that's upsetting," said Tipton.

    Twenty-seven days have passed since the shooting. On Wednesday, the message they shared is simply that they want answers about Tipton's death at Nippers and they want them now.

    Holly Gravengaard doesn’t know the Tipton family personally, but came out to the rally to support the family.

    “They're asking very simple questions and I don't understand why they're not giving up the name. Why they're protecting him and his family and why they're not concerned about this family,” said Gravengaard.

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    Tipton's father, Jimmy Carter, said he's questioned the Jacksonville Beach police and the state attorney's office, and both give the same reply that it's an ongoing investigation.

    “They're not going to give nobody no answers until this is over. Maybe an outpouring of support, people, will get the attention of the state’s attorney and at least give us the answers we need to have, you know,” said Carter.

    Carter said he's not seeking revenge, he just wants to know details of what led to his son’s death at Nippers.

    “I can't say, 'Yeah I want somebody's name so he can be put in jail.' -- That's not what I'm looking for or the other people. We just want what's right, what's fair and what's the right thing to do,” said Carter.

    The family has also consulted an attorney about what steps they can take next.

    Action News has reached out to the State Attorney’s Office every week since the deadly shooting, and receives the reply that the shooting is an active investigation and could take weeks or even months.

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