The unsolved murders of two Jacksonville women get boost in reward money

Jacksonville, FL. — Nearly $10,000 is now being offered as a reward for tips that lead to arrests in two unsolved murders.

First Coast Crime Stoppers made the announcement after getting an unexpected increaser in money from the attorney general’s office.

Bradla Cook, 61, was a loving mom and hands on grandma.

Her daughter Kara Trimmer recently landed a great job but couldn’t call her best friend.

“These little victories that I’ve had, I haven’t had her to share it with,” she said.

Cook was found beaten and stabbed insider her home on Harlow Blvd. on Oct. 28, 2015.

First Coast Crime Stoppers hasn’t gotten any tips on the case since 2016.

“It’s just been very quiet, lonely. I just try to console my kids to the best that I can,” said Trimmer.

But now Cook’s case and the murder of 31-year-old Brittany Matthews in 2020 are getting enhanced rewards.

Each case will now pay $9,500 to the person whose tip leads to an arrest.

But Wyllie Hodges, Executive Director of First Coast Crime Stoppers, said there’s a time limit.

“They only have this money available until the end of June. If we don’t get tips before then, that we can use, then it will drop it back down,” said Hodges.

Matthews was killed Aug. 3, 2020 when a man seen in surveillance images ran up on her car and shot her on Edgewood Avenue.

Hodges said the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office selected both these cases for a reason.

“They think they’re solvable,” he said.

Trimmer said while the increase in reward money gives her hope, it shouldn’t motivate someone to do the right thing.

“My mom always stood for what was right, for what she believed to be right, so I would only hope that people reciprocate that for her,” said Trimmer.

The tip must go through Crime Stoppers to be eligible for the increased reward amount. You can remain anonymous by calling 1-866-845-TIPS.

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