Friends remember 21-year-old Mayport sailor killed in motorcycle crash

Sailor killed in motorcycle crash

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Friends and co-workers are remembering Navy sailor Patrick Stellitano. The 21-year-old was killed in a motorcycle crash in North Jacksonville.

Stellitano moved to Jacksonville from Frederick, Maryland, in November. He was a sailor at Naval Station Mayport. While he was recognized for his work ethic, friends said he was also the life of the party.

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“He had the potential. He was shining in his field.” Johnathon Coffman said. “There was never a dull moment when he was around.”

Coffman met Stellitano just a few months ago, but quickly became close. They worked together at Naval Station Mayport.

“The hardest part for us is that our two-year-old was actually one of his best friends.” Coffman said. “Every time he came over our two-year-old never wanted to leave him alone.“

Coffman said the two were helping a friend move Saturday. He said he knew something was off when afterwards Stellitano did not let him know he made it home.

“We had that feeling in our guts, especially after we tried calling him and seeing where he was,“ Coffman said.

Memorial set up right before Nichols Creek Bridge
Memorial set up right before Nichols Creek Bridge

Stellitano lost control of his Honda motorcycle and flipped over the Nichols Creek Bridge, which is a part of Heckscher Drive. He came to a final rest in the marsh area below the bridge, according to Florida Highway Patrol. He was not wearing a helmet, according to the crash report. JFRD has responded to more than a dozen serious crashes on Hecksler.

“A lot of us had concerns when he got it [the motorcycle],” Coffman said. “But, you know he loved his motorcycles.“

On Sunday, friends of the 21-year-old came out to Hecksler. They set up a memorial with American flags and a cross in his honor.

“He’s leaving behind a lot of friends, a loving family,” Coffman said. “Too young to go.“