Buresh Blog: Nor’easter... Fall Color

Jacksonville, FL — The countdown is on to the end of the hurricane season on Nov. 30th! Updated everyday during the hurricane season: “Talking the Tropics With Mike”. “Fun Fact” courtesy Dr. Phil Klotzbach: “there have been **no** Cat. 3 or stronger hurricanes or typhoons anywhere on the globe from Sept. 26 - Nov. 10th. That hasn’t happened since at least 1950″.

Northeast Fl. & Southeast Ga. was subject to a rather rare Nor’easter Fri.-Sat., Nov. 5-6th. “Local” Nor’easters are more common in this area which is typically a product of strong high pressure to the north. But this nor’easter was more classic & caused by a mid-latitude cyclone or low pressure area. The satellite image below is from Sunday morning, the 7th showing the strong low offshore just about due east of Savannah, Ga. with some - perhaps - subtropical characteristics near the Gulf Stream. Locally - peak wind gusts hit 70 mph at the coast... heavy rain was widespread with amounts averaging 2-4″... tidal flooding was common along with moderate to severe beach erosion... & temps. were very chilly for this time of year. Specific info. follows....

2-day rainfall:

Map courtesy our Jax N.W.S.:

Peak wind gusts:

The rainfall of 2.49″ on the 6th was a daily record rainfall at JIA... the high of 51 degrees was the coldest max temp. for the date AND the coldest on record for so early in the season:

Beach erosion compromised several homes along A1A, South Ponte Vedra Beach in St. Johns Co.:

High tide flooding in St. Augustine Sat. morning:

Beach erosion near Crescent Beach, St. Johns Co.:

St. Augustine flooding at high tide Mon., Nov. 8th:

Crescent Beach damage:

Action News Jax story on Nor’easter damage:

Fall color in all its splendor is spreading south & getting closer to NE Fl. & especially SE Ga. It’s not too late to take a little road trip north to find some vibrant foliage in the Carolina’s, Ga. & Tennessee. Fall color typically peaks in SE Ga. through early to mid Dec.... & mid to late Dec. across a good part of NE Fl. (of course, “fall color” is relative compared to northern latitudes) :)