Buresh Blog: T’Giving Travel... First Freeze Dates... Lunar Eclipse... Purple & Pancreatic Cancer

Jacksonville, FL — The Atlantic hurricane season is winding down! “Talking the Tropics With Mike” updated daily through Nov. 30th.

Travel time! While the weather *appears* at this early juncture to be very nice on Thanksgiving Day for Jacksonville & surrounding areas, it looks like there will be wet & stormy weather for parts of the Northeast U.S. Airport updates * here *.... highway updates * here *. Safe travel!!

We’re getting deep enough into autumn to start thinking about the avg. date of the first freeze. The earliest on record for Jacksonville is Nov. 3, 1954.... the latest on March 31, 1964. We have not - since 1871 - failed to freeze over inland areas at least a few times during the winter. Inland areas - near/west of I-95 freeze an average of 13-15 times per winter while coastal areas average 5 or less days at or below 32 degrees.

A partial - but nearly total - lunar eclipse will occur early Fri., Nov. 19th. A little more than 97% of the sun will be eclipsed in a shadow cast by the earth then the planet moves between the moon & sun. The eclipse will be visible in Jacksonville/NE Fl./SE Ga. from 2:18am until 5:47am with the peak about 4:02am. Because the moon is at apogee (farthest away from the earth), this will be the longest lunar eclipse since Feb. 18, 1440... & until Feb. 8, 2669(!). While not as spectacular as a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is easier to view as no eye protection is necessary. Image below from Sky & Telescope:

Image of a lunar eclipse from NASA:

November is Pancreatic Awareness Month & Nov. 18th is World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day - wear purple! My mom passed from the very aggressive cancer only 9 months after her diagnosis. See my blog from years ago: “A Very Personal Journey: My Mom’s Fight Against Terminal Cancer”.

I had the opportunity to tell the story of the Gillan’s. Becky - at just 40 years old - was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas & 8 years later is one of the rare survivors beyond 5 years... & is thriving! Her husband, Bryan has been a remarkable caregiver for the family of 5. Their story is one of love, family, faith, hope, patience, grace & commitment.... click on the image below to read & listen: