Family looking for missing mother after she mysteriously disappears

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jonathan Trujilo’s mother Aida Trujilo has been missing since Monday in a case where she seemingly vanished.

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“It’s five days now. She didn’t leave her purse. She doesn’t have her ID. There’s very few things she can do,” Trujilo said.

Monday morning, Aida got into an argument with Jonathan’s sister, and then got dropped off in Deerwood Estates to go to work.

However, Aida never showed up for work, and Jonathan’s wife Larissa Lara says security footage showed her leaving the neighborhood.

“It was confirmed that she left at 11 a.m. through a camera that was there, but that’s all we got. We haven’t gotten anything else really,” said Trujilo.

Then, Thursday, a neighbor found Aida’s phone in the grass, something they say was extremely concerning.

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Jonathan had his mother move to Jacksonville in 2020 from Miami; he says she doesn’t really know anyone.

While a woman vanishing would be stressful for any family, Aida has an even more concerning aspect.

“She’s had cancer three times in her life. that morning found out she might have a fourth time,” Jonathan said.

Aida just found out she may have cancer again, and she doesn’t have her medication.

JSO made fliers but there was an issue.

“They didn’t even spell her name right, so I made another flyer. I just took the police department’s case number and information on the flyer and put it on another flyer,” Larissa said.

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The family fears detectives aren’t taking the case seriously.

“She thinks that this is gonna be one of those Scooby Doo things where at the end of it she’s hiding with a family member or at a family member’s home … this isn’t that situation. This isn’t that. The whole entire family from acquaintances, friends, everybody’s trying to look for her,” Larissa said.