Group of strangers surprise two Jacksonville waitresses with $1,000 tip

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A group of strangers gathered together last week to tip two Jacksonville waitresses $1,000.

The group doesn’t have a name, and most of the participants don’t know each other. Instead, they are strangers who were brought together by a Facebook post asking for participation in a random act of kindness.

Once people started volunteering to help, a private Facebook page was created to organize a list of potential restaurants to visit. After a vote, they decided to visit Cracker Barrel on the westside and the IHOP off Blanding Boulevard.

Cracker Barrel:


They were able to tip the waitress at the Cracker Barrel $1,000, and the waitress at the IHOP $1,652.

“What made it extra special this year is having the waitresses’ parents contact us and tell us how thankful they are and gave us kind of a back story,” Bryan said.