City leaders to address Jacksonville’s panhandling problem

Jacksonville, FL — Chances are, you’ve seen it too; an increase in panhandlers asking for money along the streets of Jacksonville.

Action News Jax told you last week that the number of calls reporting panhandling to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is up 7% compared to this time last year.

UPDATED STORY: Jacksonville’s top 5 worst panhandling intersections; council member steps in

So today, Council Member Al Ferraro will hold a meeting to discuss what can be done about the issue.

In a news release, he said, “I am concerned that law-abiding citizens are being harassed by panhandlers to the degree that is becoming a public safety issue. I am especially concerned that panhandlers themselves and sometimes children under their direction are approaching cars stopped at traffic lights to ask drivers for money, which is both a public nuisance and a very dangerous practice.”

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Representatives from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office are expected to attend the meeting, as well as the Office of General Counsel.

It will take place at City Hall in the Lynwood Roberts Room at 12:30 p.m.

Action News Jax will also attend the meeting.

Look for a live report at 5 p.m.