Docs: Suspect in missing Nassau County mom case admitted to being fugitive bank robber

New documents show that Kimberly Kessler, the woman accused of killing Nassau County mother of three Joleen Cummings, knew she was wanted by the FBI.

According to newly-filed evidence, Kessler admitted she “had been running from the FBI for 25 years, and was wanted in several states.”

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The documents were released as part of the discovery process, and show law enforcement interviewed dozens of people who knew or had contact with Kessler.

In one of the interviews, investigators spoke to a Fernandina Beach woman who told them Kessler admitted to her that “she used to rob banks and she had 5 aliases.”

Kessler worked side-by-side with Cummings at the now-closed Tangles Hair Salon in Nassau County.

Customers told Action News Jax there was tension between Kessler and Cummings leading up to Cummings's disappearance. The salon is now closed.

Among the physical evidence listed is a “zip-tie receipt" and the "victim's fingernail." Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said Kessler, 50, used 18 different aliases in 34 cities.

Action News Jax previously reported that a Florida man — questioned by the FBI — says the FBI told him that they were investigating Kessler as a possible serial killer.

Investigators have described Kessler as uncooperative.

Kessler told detectives that she worked with Joleen Cummings on May 12, the last day anyone saw Cummings alive. Jolene was acting normally, Kessler said.

On May 16, four days after Cummings disappeared, Kessler told detectives that her facial injuries were from an incident in which she ran into a tree while biking.

Nassau County detectives took a DNA swab from Kessler and also took two of her cell phones for evidence.

Also taken for evidence was: 
Credit cards
A Lowe's receipt
Socks and boots
A spray bottle
Stylist bag with scissors
Bike and a helmet
Pony tails 
Kia vehicle