Expect traffic delays during Naval Station Mayport first responder training on Tuesday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — On Tuesday you may hear “simulated gunfire” and see more traffic build-up near Naval Station Mayport due to an exercise on base.

Naval Station Mayport is training its first responders and security forces on how to respond to major threats and emergencies.

“You’ll probably hear something along the lines of exercise, exercise. This is an exercise and then some announcements will be made,” Nelson Anestor, the Naval Station Mayport Emergency Operation Center Manager said.

Anestor told Action News Jax its first responders will respond to a “mock” active shooter situation.

In this scenario someone with a weapon will barricade themselves inside a building on base and start shooting.

“We secure the area. We have our fire trucks staged and so the area its safe for them to come in and rescue the personnel that’s injured,” he said.

And while this is all just a drill it’s still important.

“For first responders you always want those people to be very proficient in their jobs and these type of exercises gives them the chance to build that repetition without having to wait until a real-world event takes place,” Anestor said.

The exercise is expected take place between 8:00 a.m. and noon.

There will be temporary gate closures which means there will be slower than normal traffic at the base.