Dennis Perry exonerated of all charges after spending 20 years in prison for Georgia double murder

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Dennis Perry breathed a sigh of relief more than 20 years in the making.

“Today, the Brunswick Circuit DA’s Office has finally acknowledged what has long been obvious. Mr. Perry is indeed innocent,” Dennis Perry’s attorney Susan Clare said.

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Perry was wrongfully arrested and convicted of the 1985 double murder of Harold and Thelma Swain inside a Georgia church.

“I was cleared by the GBI in 1988, only to find out that I was the only suspect they focused on in 1999; all from a statement from one person that had known mental issues and was paid $12,000 for their testimony,” Perry said.

On July 17, the Superior Court of Glynn County granted Perry a new trial based on rediscovered DNA evidence.

On Monday, the district attorney decided not to pursue charges at all.

“I am grateful that this part of this nightmare is behind me,” Perry said.

Additionally, there is a motion for Perry’s records to become restricted.

“The judge has ordered that it is restricted so that employers and future potential landlords and things like that can’t access the records,” Clare Gilbert of the Georgia Innocence Project said.

Although Perry’s legal battle may have ended, the lasting impact endures.

“I will deal every day with what happened to me,” Perry said.

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The murder investigation remains ongoing.

The DNA now allegedly points investigators to another suspect, Erik Sparre.

You can learn more details about the case here.

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