Gubernatorial candidates stake out positions on abortion after bombshell SCOTUS leak

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Abortion is shaping up to be a key issue in the Florida Governor’s race.

The issue may be especially front and center in the Democratic Primary.

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As early as September of last year Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried began targeting her primary challenger, Congressman Charlie Crist, over abortion rights.

She tweeted a link to this robo-call put out by the former Republican Governor, in which he states he is pro-life.

Fried doubled down Tuesday, arguing because of Crist’s previous position, voters can not truly know where he stands.

“Women of our state do not have time to wait to see what side Charlie Crist is gonna be on. We know where he is and he has not been with us,” said Fried.

We pressed the Congressman on his previous stance in light of the recent SCOTUS leak and asked whether he worries his previous abortion stance could handicap him in the primary.

“Not whatsoever,” said Crist.

Crist argued his record is clear.

As a State Senator, he voted against a 24-hour wait period and as Governor he vetoed a bill that would have mandated women get an ultrasound before going through with an abortion.

Most recently, as a congressman, he voted to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law.

“I’m the only candidate in this race who as a Governor of Florida actually has already vetoed an anti-abortion bill,” said Crist.

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There is little question on where Governor Ron DeSantis stands on the issue.

He reiterated his position at a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

“I am somebody who believes in pro-life protections. I think that it’s something that is based in science, I think it’s something that is based in who we are as a society,” said DeSantis.

Whichever Democratic candidate secures the nomination will face off against Governor DeSantis in the November election.

Only time will tell whether abortion issues motivate enough voters on the left to overcome the sitting Governor’s significant lead in the polls.