• Kid Care Report: Reid's Educational Child Care Facility and All about God's Children Academy, Inc.

    By: Letisha Bereola , Action News Jax


    Every week Action News Jax Kid Care Report with Letisha Bereola investigates local child care facilities by checking the latest Department of Children and Families inspection reports.

    Bereola will visit the facilities that the most serious violations and, in some cases, a facility that scored high.

    The Department of Children and Family Services says Reid's Educational Child Care Facility on Biscayne Boulevard has had repeated violations involving background screen laws and that's why it's moving to revoke its license. 

    DCF says the facility is operating under a director who is not credentialed. 

    During DCF's last inspection at the facility, they found a staff member had a falsified first aid/CPR card, which is a Class 1 violation, which is the most serious according to DCF. 

    A Class 1 violation means that death or serious harm of a child could occur. 

    When Bereola when to the facility to ask about the violation a woman answered the door who couldn't give further details. 

    A manager sent the following statement: 

    "We want to thank the Department of Children and Families for the wonderful work that they do in the community. Reids Educational Child Care has a impeccable reputation and remain thus . We denied any and all allegations that was on this report. This outlandish allegation  is a misunderstanding  and the inspector overreacted  in her report.  The Department Of Children and Families has made an  err  and we looking to resolving all live issue.  The Administrative  Hearing  Judge has discretionary jurisdiction to determine this case and we look forward to serving the public.”

    The next child care facility, All about God's Children Academy, Inc. on North Main Street, had two Class 2 violations and five Class 3 violations with DCF. 

    According to DCF, a Class 2 violation could pose a threat to the health or safety of a child, and a Class 3 violation is that least serious and poses a low potential threat for harm. 

    The Class 2 violations at this child care facility were regarding missing paperwork for the staff. 

    The DCF inspector also found potentially harmful cleaning solution that was accessible to children. 

    The director of the facility told Bereola that the Class 2 violations were "corrected on the spot."

    Here is a list of some of the latest reports that were 100% compliant:  

    • Jan. 3, The Learning Experience River City
    • Jan. 3, The Learning Experience.
    • Dec. 26, New Beginning Day Care
    • Dec. 20, Lighthouse Christian Preschool, Inc.
    • Dec. 17, The Discovery School
    • Dec. 18, La Petite Academy

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    We use The Department of Children and Families Classifications:

    Class I Violations: Are the most serious in nature, that results in death or serious harm to a child including abuse or neglect.

    Class II: Are less serious in nature than Class I violations and could be anticipated to pose a threat to the health, safety or well-being, although the treat is not imminent. Class II standard violation resulting in death or serious harm to a child shall be increased to a Class I. 

    Class III: Are less serious in nature than either Class I or Class II violations and pose a low potential for harm to children. 

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