• Jacksonville City Council District 1 Candidate: Joyce Morgan


    Name: Joyce Morgan

    Family: Married 26 years-Dr. Richard Danford Jr, two daughters Faith & Morgan, son Richard III

    Occupation: District 1 City Councilmember, PR Consultant

    Political/Government experience: 3.5 years City Councilmember

    Years lived in Jacksonville: 31

    Campaign website: www.vote4joyce.com

    1.    What are the three biggest issues facing the citizens of Duval County? 
    The three biggest issues facing Duval County are 1. Public Safety/Crime, 2. Education, and 3. Jobs/Economic Development. Although each issue is different, I do believe that they all are interconnected. Crime in many instances manifests from the lack of jobs, or stable employment, which in turn comes from issues with education. As the current City Council Member for District 1, I have tackled each of these issues head on. Over the past four years I have partnered with entities including the Boys and Girls Clubs, Jacksonville University, and Arlington 20/20, helping to secure programming for children in the vulnerable hours that exist after school. In addition to my work with many of our area’s nonprofits, I also have worked hard to attract and retain new businesses to District 1 and have helped solidify existing businesses with campaigns including our new “Shop Local. Shop Arlington” initiative.  

    2.    If you secure a victory, what are your primary goals for your term in office?
    We have accomplished so much in District 1 over the past four years, however we still have more work to complete. I would like to continue the exciting economic revitalization work that we have started with the “Renew Arlington CRA” (Community Redevelopment Area), a plan that incorporates the goals of previous redevelopment studies that help with the overall aesthetic look of our community. The CRA’s aim is to attract new businesses to the area, as well as helping to sustain current establishments. In addition to the Renew Arlington CRA, I plan to continue fostering the partnerships I have developed with organizations like Arlington 20/20, who has invested so much in our community, bringing together stakeholders from the business, faith, and higher education communities to tackle issues, ultimately bringing about a better quality of life in District 1. 

    3.    What makes you the best candidate to help the citizens of Duval County?
    I am the best candidate to serve the constituents of District 1 because I have the passion, drive, commitment, and intimate understanding of the issues that we currently face and will continue to face in our community. I have an open-door policy and will listen before making decisions that impact our quality of life.  I look forward to bringing my proven track record of getting projects done back to City Hall. 

    4.    Would you support the privatization of JEA?
    No, I believe that JEA is our city’s most asset.  It not only provides utilities to our citizens at reasonable rates, it also provides employment to many residents here in Jacksonville. Privatizing JEA could not only raise utility rates but could also put many jobs at risk.  After weeks of special JEA meetings and hours of discussion, the facts confirm that JEA is experiencing some difficulties and has seen a decline in revenues.   However, given those revelations, it seems that OUR power company can best serve the public through a well thought out strategic plan that accounts for the forecasted shortfalls and prepares JEA to weather the downturn through a series of forward-thinking energy initiatives that can be maintained into the future rather than selling or privatizing JEA. 

    5.    What is the last book you read?
    Fracture by Joy-Ann Reid

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