Jacksonville Sheriff Candidate: Tony Cummings

Candidate Name: Dr. Tony Cummings

Age: 48

Family: Wife and Two Daughters

Occupation: Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Education: Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership

Political Experience: Prior Candidate For Sheriff in 2015

Campaign Website: www.tonycummingsforsheriff.com

What are the three biggest issues facing the citizens of Duval County?
a.) Driving Down Violent Crime in Our City
b.) Lack of JSO Transparency, Reform the JSO (Public Accountability Office, Civilian Review Boards)
c.) Restoring the Broken Trust Between Citizens Living in High Crime Areas and The Police
If you secure a victory, what are your primary goals for your term in office?
a.) Reduce Violent Crime
b.) Control Out-of-Control Spending Inside the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
c.) Restore The Public's Trust in the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Through Transparency 
What makes you the best candidate to help the citizens of Duval County?
a.) I am a native of Jacksonville who loves this city first and foremost. It's Home!
b.) I have spent the past 28-years proudly serving the citizens of Jacksonville as a military and civilian law enforcement officer.
c.) I grew up in many of the high crime areas of Jacksonville and understand the violent crime problem from a ground level and, rather, interact perspective.
Would you support the privatization of JEA?
No. I grew up in Jacksonville with the understanding that JEA employees were an important part of the First Coast family. I continue to believe the same today. So, I cannot and will not support the sale of the utility.

What is the last book you read?
Mark Owen's - No Easy Day: The Autobiography of A Navy Seal