• 3 JSO detectives accused of evidence tampering after deadly shooting; suspect's mother reacts

    By: Michael Yoshida, Action News Jax


    On Thursday, Action News Jax spoke with a man who said he was there the night Jerome Allen was fatally shot during an undercover drug buy.

    Police say on Feb. 6, Allen pointed a replica gun at undercover detectives in an attempt to rob them. One of the detectives fired seven shots and Allen died later in the hospital. 

    Now the three detectives involved have been arrested. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said they had beer cans in the undercover car and got rid of them after the shooting.

    “I just seen a whole lot of things that didn’t make sense and I’m going to leave it at that,” said Michael Wright, a friend of Allen.

    Sheriff: 3 Jacksonville detectives arrested for tampering with evidence after deadly shooting

    Wright says he was there the night Allen was shot.

    “I saw a friend leave me by the hands of the law,” Wright said.

    "Let me be clear: That car is a crime scene. The alcoholic beverages are part of that crime scene, and their removal is against the law," Williams said.

    The detectives were arrested for tampering with evidence and conspiracy. The shooting itself was not part of this investigation.

    Thursday, Allen’s mother remembered her son. She’s one of many in the community who still has questions about her son’s death.

    “I know that everything my son did was not right but I know he did not deserve this … bottom line,” Wilson said.

    But still, she and others are thankful for JSO investigating every part of the incident.

    “I just want to thank them for the doing the investigation ... thank the sheriff … Thank you. Thank you,” Wilson said.

    “We never thought that there would be any action done. If they do wrong, get them off the street. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it,” Wright said.

    Police union defends Jacksonville detectives accused of evidence tampering after deadly shooting

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