400 People receive Covid-19 Vaccine in St. Johns County after booking online appointments

COVID-19: Hundreds receive vaccine Friday in St. Johns County

St. John's County, Fla. — On Friday 400 people in St. Johns County received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine at the Solomon Calhoun Community Center.

Some seniors started lining up early even before their 9:00 a.m. appointment all were eager to get the vaccine. By end of day Friday 3,800 people will have gotten the vaccine over the last two weeks in the county.

St. Johns county launched its permanent appointment system online Thursday. St. Johns County Emergency management told Action News Jax that at one point its website had more than 240,000 people online, but only 400 appointments available.

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Maggie Barbieri was able to snag one of those appointments. “I made it with the help of family. My daughter and grandson, they seem to be much more tech savvy than me surprisingly so yes very pleased to be here this morning,” Barbieri said.

St. Johns County Emergency Management said its received thousands of phone calls this week about the Covid-19 vaccine. While it’s website didn’t experience any crashes or glitches yesterday, within 15 minutes the county told me all the appointments were booked.

Right now St. Johns County Fire Rescue is vaccinating about 50 people every half hour from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. who have appointments on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the Solomon Calhoun Community Center.

There are also talks of opening an additional vaccination site but that all depends on if the county receives more supply of the vaccine.

Action News Jax asked St. Johns County when it plans on getting more vaccines. The county said it all depends on the state. Once it receives another shipment it’ll be able to open up more appointments.