6 things all UNF students experienced

6 things all UNF students experienced

The University of North Florida boasts high-tech classrooms, small class sizes and quality facilities. The campus is known for its scenic nature backdrop.

Here are six things you probably experienced as a UNF student:

1. You dodged geese (and geese poop) while driving or walking on campus.

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2. You have given up and skipped class because you couldn’t find parking in one of the garages.

3. You explained how to SWOOP to your friends and family ... and probably mentioned President Obama did it on campus.

4. You know the insider meaning of U.N.F. -- you’ll never finish.

5. You remember dining at Wackadoo’s. (before it closed)

6. You hung out on “the green” between classes.

This list was written by University of North Florida alumni.

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