• 9 signs you went to school in Nassau County


    15 schools make up the Nassau County School District. Nassau County students and teachers receive national awards and recognition. 


    Here are nine certain signs you attended a Nassau County school: 

    1. You call Callahan Barbeque the “Chicken House”.


    2. Someone tells you to meet at the stop light and you know exactly where they are talking about.


    3. You had 20 classmates with the last name Higginbotham or Braddock.


    4. Your birthday was displayed on the Burger King marquee.


    5. Your main road gets shutdown for hours for a Christmas parade.


    6. Your reason for making homecoming court is to ride in a convertible.


    7. You put monster truck tires on your sedan.


    8. Your group of friends ever skipped school to get ready for the fair.


    9. You’re willing to do the tomahawk chop at a football game even though you hate the Seminoles.


    This list was written by alumnus of a Nassau County school. 

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