ACTION NEWS JAX INVESTIGATES: Doctor warns about mites, proper eyelash extension care


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Some women will spend big money to look their best. But they could end up with something in their eyelashes they didn’t expect -- mites.

Action News Jax reporter Amber Krycka has a full report on CBS47 at 5 p.m.

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“They literally cling to your lashes, literally clinging to your lashes,” said Arun Gulani, chief surgeon and medical director at Gulani Institute.

Gulani said he’s seen patients recently in with dry eyes or chronic irritation caused by mites, which are similar to lice.

He tested a lash and found a creepy crawler.


“Before we treated, we looked at her, and boom there it was,” said Gulani.

He said they feed on oils and debris.

“Warm moist place to live. Any such place for any bacteria for any parasite is heaven,” he said.

Basically, if cleaning your face and eyelashes isn’t in your daily routine, then you’re giving them a chance to camp out.

More salons are offering eyelash extension services.

“Each stylist is licensed, certified and trained,” said Charnae Wynn, owner of iGlam.

Wynn said they have 400-500 appointments a month for eyelashes.

“We’ve got clients that range from ages 16-65,” she said.

Wynn said from the very first time they meet a client, they teach them how to keep their lashes clean.

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Wynn said some think, “if they’re going to clean them, they’re going to fall off. No, that’s the opposite. The cleaner the lashes are the better they will stay.”

“As doctors we need to look for these things,” Gulani said.

Gulani said if you don’t take care of it, it becomes a chronic inflammation. It can also cause crusty eyelids.

“The debris they leave behind is a source of inflammation, chemical reaction, and ocular reaction,” said Gulani.

Gulani isn’t saying if you have eyelash extensions you have mites. But if you have extensions, he said you should be aware. He said you should ask your eye doctor to check; it only takes a few seconds. And most importantly, clean your face and make sure all your makeup is off.

Gulani said it’s treatable – eyedrops and creams. It takes about three weeks to three months to get rid of mites.