• Action News obtains video of dramatic Coca-Cola truck crash into building

    By: Kristy Wolski


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Action News obtained surveillance video showing the moments before, during and after a Coca-Cola truck struck a JTA bus and then crashed into a local business.

     The accident happened July 23 near the intersection of West Beaver and Rushing streets.

     Action News reporter Kristy Wolski obtained video from the JTA bus that shows several different angles of the crash.

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    From a camera on the street side of the bus you can see the Coca-Cola truck approaching as the bus is making a stop. A passenger is about to exit, when the truck slams into the driver’s side and then keeps going.

    Moments later, from the windshield surveillance camera, you see the bus hit a nearby business, Discount Seafood.

    VIDEO: Coca-Cola truck hits building

    In the video you can hear the sound of the collision, followed by passengers screaming.

    JTA said five of the passengers were taken to the hospital the day of the crash. An employee who was inside the store at the time, was also transported to the hospital.

    According to the crash report the Coca-Cola driver, Calvin Hollis, told police a “wasp flew in the cab of his vehicle which caused him to lose control and crash.”

    Hollis was cited for careless driving.

    The night of the crash Discount Seafood was torn down for safety reasons.

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