City of Atlantic Beach installs sirens to alert when lightning is nearby

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. — The City of Atlantic Beach has installed sirens to alert families when lightning is close by.

Jacque Major said she lives a block away from the beach access on 6th Street.

The location is where one of the three new systems is set up.

The other two are installed at 16th Street and the Adele Grage Cultural Center.

Major told Action News Jax, “It was startling the first time I heard it.”

She said she wasn’t sure what the noise was the first time she heard the siren sound.

“It was short bursts,” she said, “Similar to the police sirens and the firetrucks that come by, but it’s also different.”

In 2017 Nassau County put in the Thor-Guard lightning detectors.

Siren and a strobe light activate 10 -15 minutes before a lightning strike is expected within 2.5 miles.

Action News Jax’s Beth Rousseau checked with the City of Atlantc Beach and found it’s getting complaints about the alerts being too loud and sounding too often.


According to the city’s website the horn blast lasts for 15 seconds and 3, 5 second blasts go off when it’s all clear.

Major said, “If there was a notice that said that an alarm will go off if there’s lightning, get off the beach – that would make more sense that to just have random sirens.”

A spokesperson with the city said they would like to hear from residents who are experiencing problems with the sirens.

The explained the systems are only operational between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Any one with concerns to e-mail info@coab.us or call 904-247-5804.

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