• Brentwood man nearly hit by bullet in home

    By: Deanna Bettineschi


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Hayward McQueen is still shaken up after he says a bullet came tearing trough the walls of his home.

     "I heard something sounded like a cannon and I hit the floor," said McQueen.

    He says the bullet went through one wall, bounced off another, and then went through two more walls before coming to a stop in the hallway of his apartment complex.

    "It don't take a rocket scientist to know that's a bullet hole," said McQueen.

    McQueen says just moments before the bullet entered his home, he was standing near that wall.
    He says he's happy he's OK, and he's counting his blessings.

    "I just said oh my god thank Jesus for just being alive.

    I said he ain't finished with me yet that's why he kept me here," said McQueen.

    He says he did call police and they are investigating.

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