• Action News examines bridge barrier heights

    By: Catherine Varnum


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Action News has learned top Florida Department of Transportation leaders met Friday about the Buckman bridge.  

    As Action News first told you Thursday, FDOT is doing an investigation to see if something can be done to stop another death.

    "Is there something we can do to exceed standards and make it safer?" said spokesman Ron Tittle. 

    He wouldn't speculate about ideas to make the bridge safer. But it's not hard to see how a different design could make an impact. Seven bridges cross the river in Jacksonville and very few look alike.

    We measured the barriers along four bridges. The Main Street bridge is nearly 39 inches. The Hart bridge, 42 inches. Both have higher, protective barrier designs. We only measured the Acosta and Buckman bridges at about 33 inches. That meets the federal standard. Tittle said the while Buckman complaints are growing, only now are changes being looked at.

    "We have to take some responsibility ourselves," said Tittle. 

    There is no word on how long this investigation could take. 

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