Two women killed this week in Clay County, deputies say both at the hands of men they had a relationship with

Two women dead in suspected cases of domestic violence

“The first victim can you believe that was my cousin,” exclaims Carolyn Hunter, family to both victims.

Hunter cried all weekend after learning Terrion McQueen had died. Deputies say her husband shot and killed her Saturday.

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“Her name was Terry, a beautiful, beautiful person,” Hunter says.

Then come Monday morning she says she got the news her niece Tiara McDaniel had been killed by the father of two of her children, Shawn Braddy.

“I could not breathe.”

According to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, there have been nearly 1,300 domestic incidents so far this year; four of them were murders. In 2019, there was only one domestic-related murder.

Jennifer Rodriguez is the director for Sexual Assault Services at Quigley House in Clay County.

It’s a nonprofit with a sole focus on helping survivors.

Rodriguez says, “I feel that the pandemic has created more of an opportunity people; are home with their abusers and then there are the increased stress factors.”

She says survivors often feel trapped. The most dangerous time is when they make the decision to leave.

“Once the person leaves they begin to see an escalation in violence because again the perpetrator is losing control of the situation.”

Places like the Quigley House have advocates ready to help, to come up with a safe exit plan.

Resources to bring safety back to their lives.

And that’s the message Hunter hopes is shared.

“Get out. Talk to someone. Seek help. There’s lots of people willing to help.”

Anyone who needs help and can safely get away from their abuser is asked to call the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-500-1119 or Hubbard House in Jacksonville at (904) 354-3114.