• Community rebuilds elderly attack victim's home


    Local firefighters and many in the community came together Thursday to begin rebuilding the home of an elderly attack victim. 

    Martie Williams, 72, was robbed, beaten and choked in her Arlington home three months ago.  Police said her attacker also torched the home.

    Thursday, efforts began to rebuild her place while Williams recovers in a nursing home.

    “She was beaten and they burned her house, so we’re just trying to put it back together for her,” said Matt Wilford with Builders Care.

     Builders Care and the Justice Coalition have helped organize the effort.

    The Jacksonville Association of Firefighters provided a lot of the labor.  Randy Wyse said many are close to this situation.

    “Some of the guys who actually responded to the fire are actually here helping to rebuild this home for a lovely lady that's just looking for some help and the firefighters are happy to be able to come out and assist,” Wyse said.

    A.J. Pionessa, a 93-year-old war veteran, volunteered to work with his team rebuilding Williams’ garage.

    “I brought my men out so we can give something to the community here to help this lady get back on her feet,” Pionessa said.

    The workers have to have Williams' home completely rebuilt by Aug. 8.

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