• Company that leases The Landing suing Jacksonville over Hurricane Matthew damage

    By: Jenna Bourne , Action News Jax


    The company that leases The Jacksonville Landing from the city filed a lawsuit Friday over its broken dock.

    The lawsuit comes less than three weeks after Action News Jax reported the city is still waiting for FEMA money to fix the dock damage caused by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.

    The lawsuit from Sleiman Enterprises’ Jacksonville Landing Investments, LLC said the dock is not just an eyesore for the city, it’s unsafe.

    Sleiman Enterprises said 75 percent of the dock is unusable.

    That’s been a problem for St. Johns River Taxi, a business that relies on docking at The Landing.

    “I think the docks are in a terrible state right now. I think that another storm could wipe out the docks at The Landing,” said St. Johns River Taxi owner Heather Surface.

    The limited space leads to conflict between boaters.

    “If there is limited room to dock, then sometimes they’ll dock in our spot,” said Surface.

    Sleiman Enterprises said the city of Jacksonville is violating their contract, and the company is asking a judge to make the city fix the dock.

    An April Hurricane Matthew status report from the city shows it’s going to cost $3.6 million to fix the Northbank Riverwalk docks.

    The report said the city submitted the request to FEMA, but has not been reimbursed.

    “I think it’s important that we do something, and I just trust that the city is going through the right channels to handle it appropriately,” said Surface.

    The city is also waiting for the contractor to do a damage report and design.

    A city of Jacksonville spokesperson said the city does not comment on open lawsuits.

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