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Caught on video: Man throws high chair at Tijuana Flats employee in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man threw a high chair at a Tijuana Flats employee in Jacksonville -- and it was captured on video.

It happened at the restaurant’s location off Airport Road.

Action News Jax reporter Kristen Rary spoke to that employee about what happened and the woman who recorded it all.

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David Scott was the manager on duty, and eventually, the man who got attacked. He said it started when a DoorDash driver walked in on the unidentified man, crouched on the ground in the bathroom, with the lights off.

“He immediately kind of flew into a rage at the DoorDash driver, cursing them out for walking in on him in the restroom.”

The man came out demanding answers and started harassing the staff, thinking it was one of them who walked in on him.

“That’s when he started getting really violent and trying to hit him and then eventually he started threatening to shoot everybody,” the customer who recorded the incident said.

Both the witness and David Scott say they hope the man is found, and they hope he gets help.

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