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Duval County Public Schools releases results of community voting on proposed school name changes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Duval County Public Schools has released the results of voting by school stakeholders on the decision to potentially change the names of nine schools.

The schools that are up for potential renaming are:

  • Joseph Finegan Elementary School
  • Stonewall Jackson Elementary School
  • Jefferson Davis Middle School
  • Kirby-Smith Middle School
  • J.E.B. Stuart Middle School
  • Robert E. Lee High School
  • Jean Ribault Middle School
  • Jean Ribault High School
  • Andrew Jackson High School



  • Stakeholders for six of the nine schools voted to change the schools’ names
  • Jean Ribault Middle, Jean Ribault High and Andrew Jackson High are the 3 schools where the majority said to keep the name
  • Total votes cast were 9,810
  • The stakeholders for Lee High School cast the most votes out of any school

Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene said in a statement, “Our goal was to give our community a voice in this process. Constituents have participated in dozens of meetings, and now thousands have shared their voice through this balloting process. My job is to synthesize all of this input and bring the recommendation that I feel is best for our schools, our community, and most important, our students.”

“I want to thank all who participated, whether it was in the balloting process or the community meetings. While there are divergent opinions on how this process should conclude, I appreciate all of those who care so passionately for these schools,” she said.

DCPS said Greene will consider the results and her recommendations will be made public on Tuesday, May 25 when the agenda for the School Board’s June meeting is published. That meeting is scheduled for June 1 at 6 p.m. and the School Board will make the final decision on the names.

The district said it is now working on a disaggregated analysis to see the results according to the various stakeholder groups. That analysis is expected to be available before the end of the week.


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